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Experience the ​Power of ​Remote Online ​Notary Services

The digital revolution has made its ​way to notarization services! With ​ProSwift Solutions, LLC, get your ​documents notarized from the ​comfort of your home, or ​anywhere you please. Here are ​the top five advantages of using ​our Remote Online Notary (RON) ​services:


You no longer have to commute to a notary office or adjust ​your schedule; notarize documents from any location with a ​reliable internet connection.


Our process is simple and straightforward - you sign it, ​and we seal it.


We use advanced bank-grade security processes to ensure ​the legitimacy of every signer.


We notarize a variety of documents such as consent ​letters, escrow documents, power of attorney, wills & ​trusts, and more.

24/7 Availability

Get your documents notarized at any time, providing a fa​st, secure, and readily available service.

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proswift ​Solutions?



With ProSwift ​Solutions, simply ​schedule ​your ​appointment. An ​invitation email from ​​our RON platform ​partner, BlueNotary, ​​will be sent to you. ​Click on the link to ​​upload your ​documents and ​confirm your ​identity ​before the session ​begins. Once the ​​session is finished, ​you can download ​your ​completed ​documents.


Secure Document ​Handling

ProSwift collaborates ​with BlueNotary, an ​online notarization ​services provider ​ensuring high security ​with bank-grade ​measures. Real-time ​visibility and audibility ​eliminate ​discrepancies, ​enhancing precision in ​the verification ​process.


Remote Online

Notary (RON)

ProSwift Solutions’ ​RON service ​enables you to ​swiftly handle your ​documents at a ​time that suits your ​schedule best. With ​our after-hours ​availability, getting ​your documents ​notarized is now ​more convenient ​and easier than ​ever.




ProSwift Solutions ​offers Remote Online ​​Notarization (RON) ​services for quick ​​notarization without ​leaving home. Request ​a rush ​notary call for ​stamped and sealed ​documents ​available ​anytime, day or night.

how it works

Welcome to our easy and convenient RON (Remote Online Notarization) process!

Here's how it works:

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Begin by filling out ​our user-friendly ​Contact Form, located ​on our "Contact Us" ​page.

Once your account is set up and your information is inputted, you'll proceed to verify your identity securely.

Easily pay the invoice using Stripe, where you can conveniently use your credit/debit card, bank account (via direct debit), or Cash App Pay.

You will then receive a special link to join the Remote Online Notary Session at your scheduled time - it's that simple!

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Shortly after you will receive an ​email with our BlueNotary ​(Remote Online Notary Platform) ​profile link. Simply click on it to ​create your account and upload ​the document you need notarized ​- it only takes a few moments!

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After submitting your appointment request, keep an eye on your inbox for the invoice we will promptly email you.

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Following ​confirmation of ​payment, we'll confirm ​your appointment ​request swiftly.

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Voilà! Once the session ​concludes, you can ​effortlessly download ​your notarized ​documents and proceed ​with confidence.

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We look forward to assisting you through this seamless process and ensuring your notarization needs are met efficiently. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance. Thank you for choosing us for your notarization services!

Our Services

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Oaths & Affirmation ​Administration

We are authorized to administer ​oaths and affirmations for various ​legal purposes, ensuring that ​individuals swear to the ​truthfulness of their statements ​under penalty of perjury.

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We provide professional ​acknowledgment services, ​verifying the identity of signers ​and confirming their willingness ​to execute legal documents, such ​as deeds, contracts, and powers ​of attorney.

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Document ​Authentication

We provide document ​authentication services such ​as certifying signatures, ​administering oaths, and ​verifying legal document ​authenticity to ensure ​compliance with legal ​standards.

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Signature ​Witnessing

We have notaries on stand by ​that specialize in witnessing ​signatures on various legal ​documents, ensuring that ​signers are who they claim to be ​and acknowledging their intent ​in executing the document.

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Certified Copies

Need certified copies of vital ​records, academic transcripts, or ​other important documents? We ​can assist you in obtaining legally ​recognized copies that are verified ​and stamped by a notary public, ​meeting all necessary ​requirements.

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Count on us for accurate jurat ​services where the notary ​certifies that a signer has ​sworn or affirmed the contents ​of a document in their ​presence, adding credibility ​and legal validity to the signed ​document.

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Remote Online Notarization

Take advantage of our convenient remote online notarization services, allowing you to ​securely notarize your important documents from the comfort of your home or office. Save ​time and hassle with our efficient online process.

Documents We Notarize

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Application for Delivery of Mail ​Through Agent

We will notarize your Application ​for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, ​also know as a PS 1583. This form ​is required by the USPS for any ​agent to receive mail on your ​behalf.

Consent Letters For Minor ​Travel

We assist in notarizing consent ​letters for children traveling without ​legal guardian, ensuring ​compliance with legal ​requirements.

Personal Legal ​Documents

Our notary services extend to ​personal legal documents, offering a ​reliable and convenient solution for ​notarizing important papers.

DMV Documents

Passport & Visa ​Authentications

Prenuptial ​Agreements

We provide notarization services for ​various DMV documents, ensuring ​they are legally valid and authentic.

Our notary services cover passport ​and visa authentications, providing the ​necessary certification for international ​travel documents.

We provide notary services for ​prenuptial agreements, ensuring ​their legality and validity through ​our professional authentication.

Escrow ​Documents

School Documents / ​Records

Health Care Directives / ​Living Wills

Our notary services include notarizing ​escrow documents, providing a reliable ​method for authenticating these ​essential financial agreements.

We offer notary services for school ​documents and records, ensuring ​accurate authentication for various ​educational purposes.

Our notary services encompass ​health care directives and living ​wills, offering a trustworthy ​approach to legalizing these vital ​documents.

Adoption Paperwork

Power of Attorney

We can assist with notarizing adoption ​paperwork, ensuring compliance with ​legal requirements and facilitating the ​adoption process.

We specialize in notarizing power ​of attorney documents, enabling ​individuals to grant legal authority ​with the assurance of proper ​authentication.

RON State Requirements

Each state has unique online ​notarization requirements. Check ​your state's specific guidelines on ​the Secretary of State website.

Each state has unique online notarization requirements. Check your state's specific guidelines on the Secretary of State website.


Do Not


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  • Incomplete or false documents
  • Documents signed outside of ​the Notary’s presence
  • Certified copies of certificates for ​divorce, marriage, birth certificates, or ​death certificates (you may obtain these ​documents from your county records ​office)
  • Any documents that are being ​submitted to a foreign embassy.
  • Form I-9
  • Codicils & Testamentary Trusts
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Notary Fees

In-person ​Traditional


Per Signature | $15

Each Additional Signer | $7.50

Each Additional Seal | $10


Per Signature | $15

Each Additional Signer | $15

Each Additional Seal | $10

Oath or Affirmation


Per Signature | $7.50

Each Additional Signer | $10

Each Additional Seal | $10

NRS 240.100 

Electronic & ​Remote (ROn)


Per Signature | $25

Each Additional Seal | $10

W​itness | $15


Per Signature | $25

Each Additional Seal | $10

W​itness | $15

Oath or Affirmation ​Administration ​

Per Signature | $25

Each Additional Seal | $10

Wi​tness | $15

NRS 240.197

Travel Fees*


Note: Travel Fees Are NOT Notary Fees

In-Person Traditional

2 Hour Minimum

6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. | $15

7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. | $30

Each Additional Hour | $30


2 Hour Minimum

6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. | $10

7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. | $25

Each Additional Hour | $25

NRS 240.100[3][d]

*The Notary is entitled to the additional travel ​fee if the person requesting the notarial act ​cancels the request after the Notary begins to ​travel, or the Notary is unable to perform the ​notarial act as a result of the actions of the ​person who requested it or any other person ​who is necessary for the performance of the ​notarial act (NRS 240.100[4]).


Man Face Scan Biometric Digital Technology

What do I need for online ​notarization?

  • The document(s) that need to be notarized.
  • A device with audio and video capabilities. See the minimum system requirements here.
  • A valid government–issued photo ID. Find the list of acceptable forms of identification here.
  • A U.S. social security number for secure identity verification.

Id card, proof, identification icon

What is the identity ​verification process?

After confirming an appointment and receiving an email from BlueNotary, the identity verification process takes place. This process involves a two-point identification system with knowledge-based questions and biometric scanning on BlueNotary's website.

Video conference

Can two or more signers get ​their signatures notarized in a ​single meeting?

Facilitating Remote Signings with Multiple Signers:

  • The first signer arranges the appointment and shares the names and emails of all signers.
  • After the initial notarization, the document is then forwarded to the next signers.
  • Each additional signer independently notarizes the document.
  • Once all signers have completed the process, it results in a single notarized document with multiple seals.

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Legal Disclaimer

We're Here to Assist, Not Advise

It's important to note that while ProSwift Solutions ​offers professional notary public services, we are not ​licensed attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. ​We adhere to ethical standards and will never accept ​fees for legal advice. For legal matters, please consult ​with a qualified attorney.